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17 Oct '18

Casa De Gitanas takes over Victor Tung Couture SF Showroom

This past week Casa De Gitanas had the amazing opportunity to visit and take over Victor Tung's showroom in San Francisco. Victor Tung Couture offers a range of artistic, one of a kind pieces that are handmade with so much love by Victor.

Mr. Tung originally discovered his talent for fashion in his garage and began making unique garments one at a time. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that Victor is also an avid painter. He not only incorporates his love of painting by painting on some of the clothing fabrics, he is also a very talented modern artist and showcases a variety of his own creations side by side. 

Using primarily silk for his designs, everything is entirely one-of-a-kind. He hand paints many of his pieces, while the rest of the fabric that is used is imported on a small scale from Europe. He wants every design to be truly unique. Tung is also a master of customized pieces, with about 50% of his work designed for specific customers.

Because service is such a priority for the designer, he wants his fashions to be affordable as well. Unlike other couture designers, Victor Tung Couture prices range from $300 and cap off at around $3,000. “I’m an artist, not a businessman,” he says.

Victor Tung is an inspiration to Casa De Gitanas because of the huge emphasis he places on each product. Like us, he customizes one of a kind pieces at very affordable prices with the customer being the most important part of the overall transaction. Also, he only uses natural dyes for his pieces and tries to incorporate eco-friendliness, and green living into his business model. His overall goal is to "create fashion that speaks from the soul and helps express yourself to the world". 

A special shoutout to Meileena Bautista from Meeting of the Muses for organizing this wonderful experience with designer Victor Tung himself. 

Victor Tung Couture is located at 654 Commercial Street in San Francisco.

Store hours are Monday - Friday, 10am – 4pm.

Victor Tung's storefront on Commercial Street

Casa De Gitanas very own Diana and Victor Tung pose for a photo

Victor Tung Couture incorporates a mixture of SF eclecticism & Buddhist Zen

The painting on the right side is one of Victor's creations as well

This clothing rack showcases some of the wonderful one of a kind pieces Victor Tung is known for

Diana la Gitana & Cathya decked out in Victor Tung Couture

This coat is a #CasaDeGitanas favorite! 

Lovely ladies in lovely designs

Victor Tung Couture store on Commercial Street is full of life (no pun intended) :) 

Victor showing us his newest art piece

We loved having the opportunity to style & shoot Victor Tung's designs

The beautiful Suzanne wearing one of Victor Tung's hand painted evening gowns 

Wearable art

17 Oct '18




On the sunny morning of Saturday, July 26th. 2014 we officially launched Casa De Gitanas! Honestly, every time that I reminisce on the day I get a HUGE smile on my face because Casa de Gitanas was a long-time dream that manifested effortlessly. To celebrate our big special day we collaborated with our #TURFinc family and set-up shop at Classic Cars West in Oakland, California where we literally parked in the center of the room. We poured so much love and effort to craft for hours & hours the days leading up to the event and to see all of the pieces come together into one collection was phenomenal. Our pop-up shop style was inspired by our culture, Mexico to be exact. All of the girl bosses in our clan happen to have Mexican, indigenous ancestry and we are absolutely thrilled to have that be something that further grounds us and also, inspires us everyday. We love being able to showcase our heritage and share our culture and knowledge of it with everyone who is curios. Another inspiration was our love for travel. Our shop featured little trinkets and adornments that we have all picked up from our own life adventures, some of them alone and some of them together! Nature, mother earth, mermaids, Bollywood, goddesses & good times are also other inspirations for our pieces and we will def continue to gather inspiration for our future collections from that laundry list of favorites. We spent our day in the cuddle puddle interacting with customers, passing out free slices of watermelon, along with getting creative with henna masterpieces on human canvases + hair-wraps. We where never short of inspiration since we where surrounded by creative dancers and people who genuinely wanted to have a good time - since we had a nice view of the main stage we def saw some major dancing ALL DAY long. All in all we where super thrilled to be surrounded in good company, enjoying each others presence, laughing, and being entertained with all of the amazingness happening! We are so ready to tackle on being a new business that is constantly evolving and very thrilled for what is to come. This is truly only the beginning for #CASADEGITANAS




17 Oct '18

Casa De Gitanas @ Latina Success Network Entrepreneurship Summit

This past Friday #CasaDeGitanas had the pleasure of attending the very first ever Latina Success Network Entrepreneurship Summit hosted by our lovely friends at Intuit. The day commenced with delicious breakfast courtesy of local businesses based out of the Silicon Valley. We had the delight of indulging in all of the delicious options such as scrumptious paleo gluten-free cupcakes from Cake Therapy, savory crepes from San Jose Crepe Company, fresh organic green juice from Vitamina Juice Blends, and smooth creamy coffee from Tico Coffee Roasters

The beginning of the program included a brilliant panel of inspiring Latina entrepreneurs. All of the panelists introduced themselves and talked about their entrepreneurship journey, and also gave advice about "the process" of becoming. It was truly inspiring to listen to the different sets of challenges these women overcame and how these experiences helped shaped their business ideas and ultimately gave them that “aha” moment that led to their business(es) to be born.

We got to hear from Monica, founder and CEO of Cake Therapy who started her business because her mother had been diagnosed with diabetes. This unfortunate news that hit close to home inspired Monica to find alternative baking ingredients so that she could continue to bake her delicious cakes for her mother and family without contributing to their health issues. Becoming a business owner took a sequence of trial & error, but in the end she was able to find her niche! Cake Therapy offers gluten free and paleo baking mixes, made from quality natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives. Their products are ALWAYS free of gluten, dairy, soy & corn, with grain free options.

(Get your Cake Therapy here)

We are eternally grateful to have also met the oh so fabulous Carmen Milagro who also began her business after hitting a low point in her life. Instead of dwelling on all the negative things going on in her life then, she chose to use the situation to empower & reinvent herself. She spoke about "How To Re-invent Yourself after you Fail" which definitely resonated with everyone in the room - because let's face it, we all hit that point at some point.  This very real pep-talk touched on this dilemma we all face as humans when we are fragile and exposed to negative circumstances that we internalize and beat ourselves about countless times! She emphasized on the importance of constantly checking in with oneself and changing the pieces in our lives that no longer suit our vision of who we want to become. Carmen, a fearless leader herself shared the importance of being fearless in the process of reinventing yourself, and reminded us that we need to own who we are in order to articulate to other who we are.

Carmen's "Mental Process to Starting Anything" is as follows:

  1. I "think" I can do it
  2. I "know" I can do it
  3. I am "doing" it. 
*Carmen advised that we skip step 1+2 & go straight to 3 :)  


Another panelist we'd like to highlight is Kety Esquivel, a trailblazing social entrepreneur & philanthropist who came all the way from Miami to partake in this special event. Kety offered her expertise on balance, spreading education, opportunity, and abundance during her portion of the panel titled "It's OK to Make Money and Make A Difference in the World". Also, she emphasized the importance of being in tune with ourselves and knowing who we are all while keeping in mind who we want to become. Casa De Gitanas had the pleasure of having her be one of our amazing customers, she is seen proudly wearing her one-of-a kind Aztec Queendom piece that she purchased at the event. 

Casa De Gitanas display at the event

Each of the panelist had an immense amount of experience, inspiration, and willingness to open up about the good, the bad, and the ugly about being a female entrepreneur in today's age. This allowed us the opportunity to reflect and reanalyze the colossal and trailblazing path that we are creating as a community of business owners. It was extremely empowering to be amongst the hard-working, ambitious, change-the-world attitude kind of women of RIGHT NOW. This fabulous event did a great job at highlighting the talent and innovation that the Latin community is playing a pivotal role in in the San Francisco/Bay Area/ Silicon Valley + beyond. A very special Thank You goes out to Rosie Zepeda for being the mastermind behind the event and for bringing this wonderful group of people together to celebrate, empower, and grow their businesses while creating ecosystems of conscious and sustainable business owners at the same time.  

Some beautiful closing thoughts xo.

  • "It can all change now, and now, and now. Life is made up of actions and decisions we take every moment of everyday" 
  • "Create abundance whatever that means to you"- Deldep 
  • "Take ownership of what you have to offer!
  • " I need other people to help me along the way- align yourself with the right people that share your vision" -Monica
  • Learn to ask for things: negotiate. Be fair, not greedy, do good. Negotiate fairness and you will succeed." -Rose  

17 Oct '18

Casa De Gitanas x Performing Arts Workshop - SF Donor & Community Appreciation Night

On November 12, 2014 Casa De Gitanas attended the Performing Arts Workshop Donor & Community Appreciation Night hosted at Mangiare Restaurant in San Francisco. We where gratefully invited to attend this VIP event by the hostess with the mostest, Carmen Milagro

Performing Arts Workshop is a nonprofit organization dedicated to "helping young people develop critical thinking, creative expression, and basic learning skills through the arts". It all began in 1965 with the intention of "providing a creative outlet for inner-city teenagers" and now the program is celebrating 49 years of reaching "thousands of youth in public schools, transitional housing facilities, and community learning centers each year". These youth include "economically and educationally disadvantaged students, English Learners, Special Education students, and juvenile offenders". The Workshop also collaborates with numerous community partners to ensure that the Workshop’s longstanding value–"the belief that all young people, regardless of social status, identity, or ability, are equally entitled to benefit from the creative process"–is upheld.

When we first arrived to the event we were greeted by the Red Carpet and a futuristic robot. Once we entered the venue we where amazed by all of the beautiful art showcased along the "International Art Walk" which included pieces from five different artists from around the globe. The artists showcased included Danny Ayala from Mexico, Francisca Huezo from El Salvador, Richard Martinez also from Mexico, Phuong Xuan Nguyen from USA, and the beautiful Dinara Omarova from Russia. Some of the artists also contributed original artwork pieces for the events Grand Raffle where some lucky guests took home lovely art pieces valued at over $1,000 + dollars. The host Carmen Milagro was also a walking piece of artwork herself with her fabulous peacock inspired outfit which effortlessly lit up the whole room. 

The cuisine for the evening was a mixture of Japanese & Mediterranean inspired dishes and included delicious options such as Steak Tartar and Mozzarella di Bufala prepared by Mangiere Sous Chef Arturo and his team. These delectable food options paired perfectly with the events complimentary wine tasting. 

Xavier, a current Performing Arts Workshop student performed in front of a crowd for the very first time while doing his spoken word piece about growing up without a father. Although he was nervous at first he was able to gain the courage to let it all flow out effortlessly. Also, Guitarist Demetrio Flores set the tone for the evening with his Spanish bolero style music. Rosie "The Closer" from the Latina Success Network surprised us with a special performance of a popular Spanish song which she sang alongside Demetrio. 

All in all we where delighted to have the opportunity to come out to show our love and support to the Performing Arts Workshop this evening. Art is near and dear to our hearts and we sincerely appreciate the work this organization is doing to transform our education system and the way we approach learning in early adulthood through the use of Art & Creativity. Let's continue to inspire future generations to tap into their creativity and explore the possibilities of their own imagination.

Support your local artists, and art in general. Remember that without ART there wouldn't be any "E-ART-H".

A special thank you goes out to the Carmen for inviting us to this wonderful event and to the Performing Arts Workshop for all that they do for the youth. Stay tuned for Performing Art Workshop's 50th Anniversary coming up next year!


Special Artwork titled "Para Mama" by artist Danny Ayala

"If we don't have arts in the schools we don't have education" - Performing Arts Workshop

Sous Chef Arturo & Carmen Milagro alongside the owners of Mangiere Restaurant announcing the lucky winner of a vintage bottle of wine courtesy of Mangiere's Private Stock

One of the art pieces raffled off during the evening created by Danny Ayala titled "Pintura Medicinal Con El Poder de Curar Muchas Enfermedades Espirituales con Solo Verla" 

The many beautiful faces of the crowd that came out to support the Public Arts Workshop

Artwork pieces featured in the events "International Art Walk"

Rosie Zepeda of the Latina Success Network alongside Casa De Gitana's very own Cathya, Johnny from TURFinc, and Elba from Intuit caught mingling during the event

Xavier performing for the very first time in front of a crowd

Modern Indigenous Art by the talented Francisca Huezo from El Salvador" (*a couple more of her pieces are still up for grabs)

Casa De Gitanas mingling with artist Danny Ayala and our friend Elba, always a treat to mingle with other creatives!

Thank You to Mangiere, Sous Chef Arturo and staff for all the yummy treats!