The Next Generation of Changemakers -- Casa De Gitanas x LIV LIFE Umbrella Drive

Familia Gitana meet the one and only Olivia (also known as LIV) a young philanthropic change maker.

At the tender of age of 7, 1st grader Olivia is already on her way to change the world for the better one kind act at a time.  After Olivia's mother Sarah was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer they truly learned the importance and value of community. After Olivia saw and experienced the outpour of support coming from the community during this difficult time in their lives she realized that helping people was a top priority for her. 

One day after seeing another little child her age and her mother at a bus stop during a rainstorm with no umbrella to shelter them from the rain she got the idea of creating an umbrella drive to help the people who really needed it. They specifically targeted the community of Oakland and surrounding areas for Liv Life's Umbrella Drive 2015. LIV's Umbrella Drive has collected over 800+ umbrellas and have already started distributing them to several shuttlers and programs that serve Parents and Children in San Leandro and Oakland. The last batch of Umbrellas collected will benefit the Alameda County Foster care system.

Olivia's online GoFundMe fundraising campaign was able to raise over $2,000 dollars in just 1 month, all of the funds are going towards helping out kids and parents in need in the form of umbrellas.

Casa De Gitanas is proud to stand in unity with the next generation of change makers and we are so proud of Olivia's generous efforts to make the world a better place. Olivia is SO inspired by the success of her first ever campaign to give back to the less fortunate that she plans on giving back this upcoming Holiday Season as well in the form of a Toy Drive. Stay tuned and follow this young philanthropic entrepreneur to stay up to date with the latest.

We are so proud of you Olivia, keep living & loving and reaching for the stars. 


Olivia collecting umbrellas from San Leandro's Station 9 Fire Department 

Olivia featured on KTVU Channel 12 news which broadcasted her story to the entire SF/Bay Area


A trunk full of umbrella's purchased with the money Olivia fundraised on her #LIVLIFE GoFundMe site

Olivia, her mother Sarah, and eco-chic diva Suzanne Agasi photographed at a clothing swap hosted at Recology SF where Olivia was the glam guest of honor #LIVLIFE

Olivia donating some umbrellas to the Lincoln Child Center, one of many drop-offs.

Olivia also donated 300 umbrellas to the Davis Street Resource Center, they rewarded Olivia's generous efforts with a NEW bike! What a lovely treat for a very deserving young lady. 

The perfect example of how one person (regardless of age) can make a major difference in the world. 


With Love #CasaDeGitanas