Casa De Gitanas @ The Green Festival Nov. 2K14

The Casa De Gitanas tribe hit the city by the bay on a sunny Saturday afternoon last weekend to attend the Green Festival, America's Largest & Longest-Running Sustainability & Green Living Event held at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. This large warehouse style venue is surrounded by the lovely Bay water and has fantastic views of Alcatraz and the infamous Golden Gate Bridge.

Cathya la Gitana wandering around Fort Mason Center to commence the FUN! Casa De Gitanas LOVES going "OFF THE GRID" for an adventure!

A quick hello before entering the wonderland of all things eco-friendly :) 

Imagine entering a world where healthy and sustainable was the norm, Green Fest was exactly that! This festival had something for everyone interested in living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The Casa De Gitanas tribe was in absolute heaven wandering through this massive event, weaving in & out of pop up shops of over 250 eco businesses. We got the opportunity to fully experience the widest selection of green products and service from vendors near & far. This weekend long event incorporated "green" trends from different industries including Food, Fashion, Design, Health, and so much more!  


Ladies and Gentlemen meet Lisa Vincenti, Founder and powerhouse behind Sensory Revolution. This local San Francisco brand creates holistic multi-sensory aromatherapy bath/shower salts and sprays that are all concocted by Lisa. Her handcrafted alchemies are free of synthetics, preservatives, gluten, parabens, petroleum, dyes, laurel sulfates. There is also NO animal testing, NO animal products, NO contaminants, and best of all NO GMOs (yay!) Gotta love an all-natural, worry-free product. The inspiration for Sensory Revolution began shortly after Lisa's 3rd major surgery where she discovered her natural talents for self-care and healing from the inside out. As her colleague shared: "After developing the tools to better cope with pain and to create balance within, Lisa shared them with her clients and the world". Sensory Revolution strongly believes in "integrating your mind, body, and senses together into one amazing interpretive dance".  It embraces the core values to "treat your self well, play, explore, and share". This company is the manifestation of the desire to live in a world where people thrive, because we are designed to do so! Check out Sensory Revolution's website AND Like them on Facebook to tickle your senses! xo


We had the pleasure of meeting Marc Sanchez from Point Loma, CA. His pop-up shop featured a consciously crafted clothing line called BE KIND VIBES. This line is owned by Matt Hickey and a few other Be Kind Tribe ambassadors. It uses a mix blend of hemp & organic cotton to create tasteful beach and land inspired designs that spread good vibes between our land, our sea, and the people that inhabit this planet. A dollar from every purchase goes toward a nonprofit organization that embodies the essence of each design. Marc manages REECO, a brand that up cycles surfboards. REECO brings back to life broken surfboards by customizing & enhancing them to become better than NEW!

Check out his line at 
Follow them on Insta @bekindvibes 

Check out the REECO Up-cycling process @
IG: @Reecosurfboards

Special Hemp/Cotton blend Be-Kind Vibes T-shirt, $1 from each t-shirt with this "Land" themed design benefits an organization that is helping the land. 

An up-cycled REECO surfboard. BE KIND TO THE SEA, xo! 

This dashing indigo child caught our attention & captured our hearts. She's also a crafter just like us! It was SO inspiring to see this little gem posses so much executive presence at such a young age. Making sales and handing transactions was a piece of cake with her radiant confidence! She sells her unique pieces wholesale, so you may see a collaboration with CDG in the future! Stay rad #girlboss ! XO 

Gitanas say hello to Zuvi, a line of active wear that is hand-made with love from recycled plastic bottles in Los Angeles, CA. Talk about a fantastic way to get rid of our increasing plastic pollution problem! Not only is this business model rad, their designs are also absolutely amazing! 

Check them out at
IG: @lovezuvi
FB: ilovezuvi


Bici Arte takes an existing passion for bicycles and converts it into beautiful #BikeArt. These gorgeous accessories are handcrafted using techniques that the artist acquired during travels though Spain, Italy, and Mexico. He uses up cycled bicycle parts, leather, metal, gems, and lots of LOVE!

You can find more of his creations at

Cat holding a beautiful geode in front of this rad satchel made with a bicycle tire, all natural leather, and a gemstone! 

Who doesn't love CHOCOLATE! Nib Mor makes it easy to give into the craving. Their chocolate is organic, vegan, NON-GMO, gluten free, and certified by the Rain Forest Alliance. It is also rich in flavanols to help promote a healthy blood flow that ensures better cardiovascular health. This chocolate was so delicious it made our heart skip a beat! It's GOOD to give in, xo!

#CASADEGITANAS supports the consumers right to know what is in the products they consume, LABEL GMO's. 

As conscious individuals, we make it a priority to stay informed and do our part to protect our mother earth. 

 Hot Topic of Discussion: "Reclaiming Sustainable Farming in the Amazon"

CDG sat in to listen to Tigre from Acate speak about Amazon Conservation. Acate is an organization that is dedicated to sustaining one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet by supporting the knowledge and well being of its inhabitants. Their conservation efforts integrate culture, health, and ecology, recognizing that indigenous wisdom is integral to the preservation of the Amazon. They have successfully joined in partnership with the Matses people from the Galvez Region of Peru, which is in the heart of one of the Amazon. Acate is working with indigenous communities to heal and preserve the Rainforest. If you would like to get involved please visit

After a long day of mingling with other conscious business owners it was time for Casa De Gitanas to grub (our favorite!)We wandered into the Green Festivals mostly vegan/vegetarian food court to take a break and let the day fully sink in. This day was SUPER special because we absolutely adore meeting other conscious entrepreneurs and there was absolutely no shortage at the Green Festival. We are more inspired than EVER to cling to our belief that the well being of the earth and our human family comes before short-run profits. We are so optimistic for the future ahead, lets get more hands-on and take action in regards to all things related to our overall wellbeing and our planets wellbeing.  We are one with all things, XO! 

Until next time Green Fest xo.