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Your Beautiful Body - Affirmations for our vessel of love & life

Positive affirmations better known as positive "self talk" can benefit not only yourself but also other people that you interact with. An affirmation is the shifting of thoughts resulting from negative, harsh experiences or ideas to a more positive note. It relies on the empowerment principle that you can only become successful if you tell yourself “I can do that” instead of saying “I can’t do that.”

Positive affirmation brings to life a person’s capabilities, strengths, talents, and skills. Constantly repeating the things that you are capable...

April is Earth Month - Celebrate with an Eco-Chic Clothing Exchange!

April is Earth Month - Celebrate with an Eco-Chic Clothing Exchange!

Greetings Gypsy Family,

April is Earth Month which signals the perfect opportunity to start making positive changes that help our planet out in a BIG way! 

When we think of pollution, we envision large power plants and raw sewage pumped into our waterways. We often never think of the shirts on our backs, or the amount of clothing that we purchase in just one year. But the overall impact the apparel industry has on our planet is quite ridiculous.. 

Did you know that "fast fashion" is the 2nd largest polluter in the world, next to...

The Return of Summer + DIY Rose Water Tonic

Solstice occurred on Monday, June 21st and on this day we officially welcome the return of Summer! During the summertime the days get longer and we spend more time outdoors in the heat produced by the sun and sometimes our skin feels the effects of the sun. Not only does our body sweat more (yuck), we also are prone to get sunburns and/or dull, dry skin! Rose water is an awesome addition to your Summer tote bag! Not only does it help treat blahh skin, it also helps soothe sunburns, and a...

Life+STYLE -- Frida Kahlo's Wardrobe revealed after 60 years of being locked up!

Frida Kahlo is one of the most revolutionary and influential women of Mexico. Her surreal self-portraits celebrated her indigenous Mexican roots, and her art was majorly influenced by her lover & husband Diego Rivera. Her art influences and her disability played a major role in her wardrobe -- she often wore long skirts and corsets to hide her body which was left disfigured by childhood polio and a near-fatal road accident when she was 18 that forced her to have over 30 operations, including a leg amputation later in life. 
In 1925...

Casa De Gitanas x TrapXArt Magazine - Collaboration & Tribe Feels

Hola Gypsy Tribe,


We are ringing in April by giving a special shout out to 

Trap x Art 

We have so many exciting pop ups and collaborations happening (deets on #popup & Events page!) this month, but first we want to shout out a tribe that has supported and helped us tremendously!

Collaborating with this beautiful creative movement has allowed us to showcase our wearable art and connect with other young artists. We are endlessly inspired and humbled by all the talent present here in the Bay Area, and we...